Trump Won’t Talk To Xi

The tussle between the two most powerful countries USA & China is not new. A trade war was already going on between the two & then the COVID-19 outbreak has put the final bolt in the system, as US has faced major travesty during this period. They are deeply shaken by a death toll of more than 60,000 US citizens due to this pandemic.

Trump has repeatedly accused China for undervaluing its economy through currency manipulation by at least 40%. As per him the previous US Governments are responsible for this situation as they miscalculated China & allowed them whatever they wanted to do, resulting in China enjoying tariff relaxations. He also claims that USA has a trade deficit of $500 billion a year with an intellectual property loss of $300 million because of China.

Trump has denied entering a trade war further with China claiming that they have already lost it as China’s exports are more competitive on the global market due its currency manipulation since a very long time as they enjoy tax relaxations & tariff benefits. USA is also concerned that China might want to establish a parallel platform of WTO (World Trade Organization) where there would be no competitor of China in terms of trade.

It seems, China has become a troublesome country for US in various aspects & it is clearly visible in the statements given by US Trade Representative Robert E Lightizer.  China is using its state sponsored companies and mechanism to buy USA based technology companies. They are also resorting to cyber-theft to gain technology from USA which is a great threat for USA as technology is considered the most crucial element of US economy. Trump administration has already started taking necessary steps to prevent this technology transfer and also ensured that there are no hostile takeovers from China.

USA is also concerned about the growing influence of China in the South-East Asia where the Dragon is flexing its muscles by threatening the sovereignty of its neighboring countries like Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan by claiming that these countries belong to China which apparently is an important part of Dragon’s expansion policy.

Since China has a history of occupying other’s territory like illegally occupying Tibet and Hongkong  its adjacent countries like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam etc. also always feel unsafe due to China’s aggression policy. China’s villainous nexus with North Korea & Pakistan is also not a hidden truth for the world. While the region is already volatile due the presence of China, the Dragon is undergoing military exercises in the South China Sea which is further increasing the tension for the US government.

The global disaster caused by COVID-19, for which China is the prime accused by the world community, has affected the whole world. More than 44 million active COVID-19 patients with 312 K deaths have completely changed the world politics & its old point of view.

Due to COVID-19 & it’s after affects, US has registered 30 million people unemployed which is the highest after the Great Depression of 1930 in US. It has also seen a sharp decline in economy after 2008. All these causes were enough to ignite the public sentiments of USA & Trump administration being just months away from the elections is also under tremendous pressure; they have also started escalated attacks on Beijing. Trump is very much vocal about China’s role in COVID-19 outbreak where he is getting support from most of the Western countries & US’s allies.

China on the other hand wants to minimize US escalation by giving tariff relaxation to US imports as China is already being cornered by the world community. But it seems, Trump administration is not in mood to let China go easily without facing the repercussion of COVID-19 outbreak & its alleged role in that. The US government has already stopped the funding of WHO blaming that the organization was reluctant about the irresponsible behavior of China in the initial period of Corona outbreak causing the worldwide spread of this deadly virus.

While the world politics is changing rapidly, Trump administration wants to cancel US debt obligations & draw up a new trade policy, which means Trump’s January trade deal with China will go on a backburner. Intelligence community of USA is all set to examine whether the COVID-19 outbreak was caused through infected animals or was it an accident at China’s laboratory where Chinese were doing some suspicious experiments. US is putting sanctions on China & if we look at the statement of US Secretary Mike Pompeo he stated that, “they are very confident that the Chinese Communist Party will pay a price for what they did & that will be from USA,” echoing the same tone which Trump did, when Trump termed COVID-19 as “China Virus” in a media address.

President Trump’s statement spiced up the situation further when he warned China to face consequences if found guilty of COVID-19 outbreak. Trump also blamed China of  taking unfair advantages in US-China trade. In an interview U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told that China needed to provide a lot more information about the COVID-19 outbreak & US President is reviewing his options. Such statement coming from an important US government official in the current situation says a lot itself.

As per experts, USA is reviewing to deny student Visas to Chinese aspirants who wants to study National Security & Artificial Intelligence in USA. Trump seems very unhappy of China’s failure to contain the disease as he stated in a recent interview that “They (China) should have never let this happen”.

Further interesting progress says that US is planning to cut its trade relations with China. Despite having a good relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, US President Donald Trump said that he is not interested to speak with Xi right now & Trump administration is planning a ban on Chinese imports which will save US $500 billion. In the meanwhile US intelligence agencies said that COVID-19 doesn’t appear manmade. But Trump in his interview said that “Whether it came from the lab or came from bats, it all came from China & they should have stopped it. It got out of control”.

It is almost clear that, it won’t be a cake walk for Beijing to get rid of from COVID-19 outbreak & its after affects for which intentionally or unintentionally China is responsible& Trump administration is in full mood to teach China a tough lesson this time.

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