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There is burning question rising in the industry currently. It asks, is there any industrial domain which cannot be benefited from Insourcing?


The industry in question today is content marketing and development. With the growing customer centric approach of organizations it becomes extremely important that the content marketing and development team is pressing hard towards tangible results. Traditionally, Digital marketing and content marketing is something organizations have felt dispensable enough to be outsourced, however the current times demand something else.

Following are the reasons and advantages which Insourcing poses in the digital marketing industry:-

You know the buyer best

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It is very simple to understand that by outsourcing your content, you are dependent on an agency to research the brand, industry and consumers in order to develop the marketing strategies and content to drive the web traffic. Do they really understand your customers and your work paradigms?

The answer is more often than not a “no”.  A case study from Mazzella companies shows that organizations were able to increase the traffic percentage by 600% and leads by over 650% once they started insourcing their content. That’s a huge number and no one in the industry can argue against it.


The in-house content managers will become experts of their own.

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The thing about outsourcing content managers or freelancers is that more often than not they are working on multiple types of projects and multiple industries at the same time. They may be an amazing story teller but most likely they are not experts in the field of your organization.

That is where the advantage of the in-house content manager comes in. Once you develop content manager a good through training and development to have a good skill set of writing and storytelling, the advantage of them knowing the industry itself makes the benefits tremendous.

There is no contractual bound on deliverables’

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Once a freelancer or agency is hired, the deliverables from both the sides are bound by contract and thus you are restricted to work as per decided.

It may seem a good way to be organized initially but in the dynamic nature of the industry makes it even more important that you have flexibility in the development of content.

Creative flexibility is an essential part of producing great content.

Building a strong company culture

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Probably one of the most important and obvious advantage is the creation of a company culture which is strong and bounded. The people feel at home and own the work they do.

They watch their tasks taking shape and going towards the benefit of the industry. Nothing beats a workforce which feels responsibility towards the company work.




Google has updated its core algorithm

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As of August 2018, Google has changed its broad core algorithm with a simple update of E-A-T or Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

This essentially is focusing on content which “could potentially impact the future happiness, health, financial stability and safety of users” as per the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines of Google.

In a nutshell, the focus is on “who” writes the content rather than on what website the content is published.

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Sumit Peer, Founder Insourcing Multiplier


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