The Monk Who Drives The Land Of Spirituality

Uttar Pradesh also known as the Land of Spirituality is by far the most populous State of India. It holds a population of about 220 million people which is 16.16% of India’s total population. If Uttar Pradesh is to be considered as a country, then it will be the fifth most populous country in the world. The countries larger than Uttar Pradesh will be China, rest of India, America and Indonesia.

Managing Uttar Pradesh as a standalone state in India is not an easy task. If we look at its political positioning it has 80 Parliamentary constituencies and 403 Legislative assembly constituencies. UP decides the fortune of Indian politics and there is no doubt that way to the Center’s seat is through Uttar Pradesh. It is a state of full of cultural diversities, history and has a lot of political parallax structure which originates from here.

One will be surprised to know that a state so large and significant in the entire Indian politics is run successfully by the very capable hands by a Monk Yogi Adityanath.

A Monk so simple and straight-forward, so austere and unpretentious that at times it becomes very difficult for people to imagine that he can be a successful Politician and an Administrator. He is today the 22nd Chief Minister of the State. He has been the Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur Parliamentary constituency for five consecutive terms since 1998. He started into Politics a little late, but soon became a Chief Minister by winning 325 seats out of 403 and still continues to be a Monk; but there are some questions which opposition probably can’t answer:

  • Can a good monk or a Sanyasi, be equally good in administration?
  • Does he have the relevant experience of running an administration since he is not a politician?

So these are some things which Yogi Adiyanath faced, the day he started, there were lots of doubts and people were really looking at him with a microscope and his every action was monitored. But every time Yogi has proved that if you have a clear vision you don’t need a degree from any famous university.

When Yogi came to power he had a clear vision of making his State a $1 trillion economy, he started working on it right away. He focused on the local goods to be recognized and accepted at world level. Many projects and schemes were started, results of which have started coming out now. Some of few measures that he took are:

  • Procurement policy for paddy, wheat, pulses, oil seeds, potatoes and maize. All the Market Committees were linked electronically, benefiting both farmers and government.
  • Underdeveloped regions were given infrastructure projects like Purvanchal Express Highway, Bundelkhand Express Highway and Ganga Express Highway.
  • Adding 7 cities to air grid and working on 12 new airports in the state.
  • ODOP scheme for the traditional industries and MSME sector to revive again and promote the State made goods.
  • Made arrangement for the labours, students stranded in other states due to lockdown to bring them back home and still going on as per the demands.

There are some astonishing facts emerging from the contradictions of claims and counterclaims about Yogi Government. There has been a rise in per capita income in the state and exports have seen a 28% jump. UP’s contribution to India’s exports has risen from 4.67% to 4.8%.

When Corona virus broke out in India, a new trend evolved in Indian politics, called as ‘Medicalization of politics’. Yogi is handling this situation very seriously, sincerely and effectively and is almost rebuilding the Uttar Pradesh society to enable it to be able to fight the pandemic. He is successfully reshaping the medical infrastructure of the state and making it quick-to-respond to fight the disease as well as any future medical emergencies or its effects. He is trying to increase the number of tests in the state, stopping the expansion of pandemic by creating containment zones involving excellent coordination between various government departments and making teams for effective implementation of government decisions. To speedup up the work, he has also started making use of technology to his advantage. To keep people healthy and informed during these times an app was launched by Yogi called AYUSH KAVACH.  It gives information regarding the Ayurvedic Medicines and yoga for various age groups in simple and easy words. This mobile software was developed by the Ayush Department of UP.

Uttar Pradesh is now paving its way towards becoming the hub for MSME and various foreign industries that are looking to shift from China to India due to COVID-19 and have lost faith in China. From past three years Yogi is working very hard on infrastructure and now to restart the economy and grasp this opportunity after COVID-19 many steps are being taken to implement the same.

  • Exemption from labour law has been granted by Yogi Adityanath for next three years. There are 38 labour laws regulating the labour sector, of which 35 have been suspended.
  • Plans to provide employment to nearly 50 lakh people including those who migrated during lockdown irrespective of whether they are registered or unregistered under various government schemes through MGNREGA, women self –help groups, MSMEs.
  • The rules for all types of NOCs will be simplified along with the environment norms for new found units. For transparency all these certificates will be available in a single window system.
  • Online Loan Fair for MSME has been launched on 14th May 2020 to disburse loan of around Rs.2000 crore to  more than 50,000 entrepreneurs which will help to provide employment to more than two lakh people.
  • Directed Officials To Set Up “Land Bank” For New Industries In State.

Yogi Adityanath’s constituency is also responsible for holding and organizing one of the grandest and cleanest Prayagraj Kumbh Mela. Last year this Mela was held and there were massive arrangements made for the same.

  • According to the UP Government, over 12 crores devotees and tourists visited Prayagraj and Kumbh 2019 was spread over an area of 3,200 hectares of land with21 (Bathing jetty) Snan Ghats were set up.
  • Over 120000 toilets were erected for making Clean Kumbh and whole Kumbh area was divided into 20 sectors and 9 zones for better management and Forty police stations, 58 police outposts including three women police station were erected for the first time where more than 20 thousand security personnel were deployed to manage any situation. Traffic management was planned to ensure smooth coordination of traffic movement on multiple channels.

Due to these arrangements Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2019 made it in the Guinness World records for:

  • The largest traffic and crowd management plan
  • The biggest painting exercise of public sites under paint my city scheme
  • The biggest sanitation and waste disposal mechanism

When we see from a bigger perspective we find that Yogi Adityanath has performed really well as a Chief Minister of a massive State, irrespective of the kind of situations which arises whether planned like Kumbh Mela, providing employment, planning to make UP $1 trillion economy and converting threats into the opportunities etc. or unplanned like Covid-19, Tablighi Jamat’s hi-spy game to spread corona and violent protest etc.

Yogi and his government’s commitment to delivery and governance are evident. The state has had a long history of low-governance, but it is changing fast. UP, today is applauded even by detractors for being one of the best states to implement central schemes.

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