The main difference between a psychiatrists and psychologists

Psychiatrists,  psychologists, Psychiatrists vs psychologists ,Healthcare behavioral problems, Brain Stimulation therapies
Psychiatrist VS Psychologist

The four main differences between psychiatrists & clinical
psychologists are

  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors but clinical
    psychologists are not
  • Psychiatrists prescribe medication, clinical
    psychologists can’t
  • Psychiatrists tend to treat mental or more
    serious illness whereas clinical psychologists treat less serious illness
  • You need a referral from your general
    practitioner to see a psychiatrist while you don’t need any referral for a
    clinical psychologist

There is often a confusion that arises with reference to differences between psychiatrists & clinical psychologists.

Psychiatrists,  psychologists, Psychiatrists vs psychologists ,Healthcare behavioral problems, Brain Stimulation therapies
Psychiatrists And Psychologists working style.

Both of them understand the importance of mental health and have a good understanding of how the brain works our emotions, feelings & thoughts. Clinical psychology is a clinical trial science Both could treat mental illnesses with clinically proven psychological treatments. But the major difference is that psychiatrists attend medical school and become doctors before doing specialist studies in mental health. Being doctors they have a good understanding of the mental & physical problems and have the right to prescribe medicines accordingly.

The main differences relate to the following things

  • Training
  • Treatments provided
  • Conditions tested
  • Getting an appointment


Psychiatrists are medical doctors with at least 11 years of
training whereas psychologists have at least 6 yrs of university training &
supervised experience. Clinical psychologists have special training in the
diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

Treatments Provided

Psychiatrists provide with a wide range of treatments and
these include

  • Medication
  • General medical care
  • Psychological treatments
  • Brain Stimulation therapies

Clinical Psychologists focus on providing psychological treatments

Conditions Treated

Psychiatrists treat people who need their medical,
psychological & social needs considered. They treat more complex conditions
like severe depression, schizophrenia & bi polar disorder

Clinical Psychologists help people with psychological
problems like behavioral problems, learning difficulties, depression &

So basically for better treatment analysis and conduct,
psychiatrists & psychologists often work together. A psychiatrist makes the
initial assessment & diagnosis & then refers to a psychologist for the
patient’s ongoing psychological treatment.

Also they work as a team in hospitals as a part of mental
health teams.

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