Telecom is ensuring WORLD’s Survival in COVID-19

Human arrogance was on epitome when man thought he has mastered the art to turn the winds, captured the energy of sun, tamed water in dams and controlled reactions from fission to fusion.

Nature and God whatever you may agree with always has a counter balance planned, like corona virus. It came all of sudden, nobody expected this kind of thing can ever happen and something like this can ever bring the world to a stand-still and then make the world wait for the solution to get rid of the virus. Fact remains that all humans have been confined to their homes or are ducking for cover. Nobody was ready for such kind of virus and more over nobody expected that it will be pandemic because China and WHO had not informed the world at the right time. It was too late to realize its effect and it became a pandemic because of the lack of right medicine and vaccine.

The only solution which has come out over the time is HCQ and lockdown because COVID-19 is three times more contagious than any other yet known corona virus.

There are lots of theories going around about the origin of the virus like how and where it came from. Recently a bite on the issue given by US President Donald Trump states that, it has originated from a lab in Wuhan and not the wet market in Wuhan. So there are lots of things still speculative, obviously everything is not clear about the virus. Coming back to the discussion, there is one thing which is very evident that this virus is very contagious, the only way to stop the flow of the virus is lockdown. Hence immediately country after country, state after state, business after business started going under the lockdown considering that it was the only effective tool to control the virus.

Since it started the people now have been in lockdown for the period of 30 to 90 days depending on country to country across the globe. Amazingly the one thing the world has seen during this lockdown is that our banks are running, our supplies are coming, our medicines are coming and our media is running. Mostly all our essential services are running and we are able to log on to Facebook, Twitter, watch the daily politics and the internet and television broadcast. With all those things happening one silent warrior which is keeping everything intact which nobody seems to be talking about is TELECOM.

Today if we won’t be having the robust telecom infrastructure across the world, banks would not have been working without all the staff in them and the financial systems of the world would be crashing as well. It’s only because of the massive telecom investment across the world that our submarine cable capacity has gone up, and satellite capability has gone up both exponentially. Imagine the way telecom of the world was working 10 to 15 years back; world would have literally collapsed.

So one thing that this corona taught us is that the telecom is the backbone of the world. It is the bridge on which all kinds of traffic which could be banking, media, grocery, social media, command and control and many more essential things run. But incidentally after the emergence of the online business and social media platform which seems to have enormous high valuations, the core industries like telecom, pharma and all have taken a back seat especially telecom. Today there are only three industries which are making it possible for us to survive the corona virus; first is pharma and medical, second is telecom and third is banking and retail. All these industries have taken a setback, unfortunately.

Imagine if these capabilities would have not been updated, corona virus would have shut down all of us around the world. Isn’t it time for the world to recognize some backbone industries like pharma, telecom, banking, retail and for government to ensure that these industries always works efficiently. The world needs to consider these industries in different aspect; especially the telecom because telecom is like a bridge connecting the two sides of the river, you might be on a bicycle and in a car but you may never able to cross it if there is no bridge.  

This is the time to recognize and let people know that because of this bridge the world is still able to survive and keep alive. We need to recognize these heroes. Incidentally I want to ask one more question, while we look at the valuation of these companies and we say that they have really changed the human life ie the social media giants like the Google, Facebook and all. I wonder in this time of crisis how would a Facebook or a Google help us to survive??

Now the time has come to re-think the positioning of these companies, in the eyes of the government as well as us.

The reason can be many, when you look at the realistic parameters of utility and sustenance, definitely these core industries like telecom, pharma, banking and retail need to be the essence for human survival and it’s high time that the seven billion people on the planet do understand and appreciate this and remember this for good.

Twenty five years ago India made its first cellular call on 31st July 1995 and did you know that there were only 5 million subscribers in the first 6 years?

Did you know that the first tariff was Rs. 16 per minute for an incoming call which is now free of cost?

Telecom industry traditionally was limited to telephone connections only and most of the revenue of telecom industry is generated from telephone calls i.e. from voice calls only but in today’s scenario most of the revenue comes from VAS i.e. value added services which are sharing messages, emails, images and videos and from live streaming of videos which requires internet connections, data and speed and countries having more users has dominance over the telecom market.

As per International Telecommunications Union the world’s 53.6% population uses internet and India’s 51.71% population uses internet and hence India ranks 2ndin terms of “number users on the internet” in the world. As of 2019, India holds the world’s highest data usage per smart-phone at an average of 9.8 GB per month. It is expected to double to 18 GB by 2024. And India’s market is still under a growing phase given the cost of internet users per GB in India.

Things happen life moves on, we may agree or not agree but whenever there is connection between two humans beings beyond being physical, remember the timeless warrior “TELECOM”.

Greek’s say Hercules is holding the earth for us on this shoulders, I would say TELECOM is holding the lifeline of the world together for us.

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Story Conceived & written by

Sumit Peer, Founder Insourcing Multiplier


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