Surveillance Technologies In The Times Of Corona

Corona Virus has and will change the world permanently; it has had far-reaching consequences much beyond the spread of the disease itself, political, financial and social are some that we are able to see today, but there are much and many more which are yet to surface.

The governments across the world are taking uncountable actions to get things under control, be it US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, India, Taiwan everyone is doing their level best.  The entire humanity is trying to take shelter behind the protective shield of science-technology to safeguard itself.

Data related to COVID-19 patients & its potential victims is playing a vital role in helping the governments to strategize their fights against this pandemic. Countries are using their all possible and available tools to counter this & today they are not even hesitating to use their surveillance technologies as well.

Middle Eastern countries are one such example who is taking help of this technology to combat COVID-19. They are using cyber-superpower surveillance technology extensively to tackle COVID-19.

Israel which is known for its advanced technology & spying network, where their most crucial weapon is their surveillance technology, and it is also the basis of its existence & works as a protection shield for its citizen due to its geo-political turmoil’s, is also using its worldwide reliable surveillance technology to counter COVID-19.

This technology-based monitoring of COVID-19 is helping the Israeli government to stop the spread of corona virus in its country. It is one of the most crucial measures taken by the Government of Israel for getting the real time data of the Corona virus outbreak. They are using this surveillance technology through its government body Shin Bet, which can access the location data of millions of mobile users to track the active COVID-19 patients.

By tracking the active COVID-19 patients & taking precautionary measures accordingly, government is not only able to stop the rapid spread of this deadly virus but also successfully reducing the number of new COVID-19 infected cases. Governments now have an analyzable data of COVID-19 affected patients with location which is helping them to proceed with a proper & safe exit route for withdrawing the lockdown with all the precautionary measures. This technology analyzed data is helping them to understand the ground reality of COVID-19 situation, demography wise & gives a clear picture of potential threat of this virus, area wise, so that a safe exit plan of lockdown without risking citizens life can be planned.

India has an image of “Soft Power” since a very long time & has established herself as a rising force at the world stage. They are also using this technology to counter COVID19 in the form of an App named “Arogya Setu App”.

Unfortunately the Leftist Journalists of a certain section of media, Left centric Politicians, ultra-left so called Socialists & self-proclaimed Indian intellectuals, whose natural stand is always anti majority sentiments of the Indian society. People who have a soft corner for its natural allies Communist regimes & banana republic’s like Pakistan, people who are infamous for their deep hatred towards India, Indian culture, heritage, who always have a biased point of view & who are always ready to defame Indian democracy & constitution (for unknown reasons); are seeing this step of Government of India as a golden opportunity to malign the image of India via Government of India. Since a very long time, this nexus had lost their ground in the Indian society, masses are not at all ready to buy their fairy tale ideologies, & they have completely lost their relevance in Modern India. Now it’s a question of existence or survival for this nexus & they are hell bent to go up to any extend for it. This time they have chosen to oppose the Government of India & its policies irrespective of how much it may be beneficial for the common citizen of India.

According to this nexus, this “Arogya Setu App” is breaching the privacy of any individual who is protected by Constitution of India.

Now a natural question can be raised, is Government of India really compromising the privacy of Indian citizens via this app? Well let’s try to find the answers by few facts as an example.

Israel is well-known of using latest technologies to combat any kind of internal or external threats against its national security & committed towards the protection of its citizen. Pegasus (spyware) is one of such technology enabled software developed by the NSO Group, which can be used only by Israeli security agencies. This software can be installed in any phone by only clicking a link sent to any mobile phone & it gets installed secretly. After being installed, it is capable of reading text messages, can track phone calls, can track passwords, able to track phone location, able to access the targeted device’s microphone & video cameras, also it can gather information from the installed apps. This powerful software is functional even in IOS, Apple & Android devices. It can also gather information from various platforms like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail & Skype. But after all this, the common Israeli citizens doesn’t consider this as a threat to their privacy because they consider this as a lifesaving technology for them & very useful for national security.

Now again come to “Arogya Setu App”, which is designed & developed for the sole purpose of tracking & getting the Realtime data of COVID-19 patients. It seems very illogical that government will be interested to know the episodes of any one’s bedroom rather than running an entire nation & other serious business. In today’s time it is surprising to see that users have no problems in allowing access to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or even simple gaming & other entertainment apps to their phone storage and do not consider it unsafe and threat to security or privacy. But for a lifesaving app, which helps the Government takes your better care, make better decision about your safety and security in these times of crises, alerts the government about an area becoming a hotspot, alerts you about what’s the situation around you; is a threat to security to privacy.

This is surely laughable & raises serious questions about the intention of those who are putting serious allegations about this app.

A country like India having a population of 1.3 billion with a huge difference in socio-economic classifications is still maintaining itself on the top of those few countries which have had the slowest spread of this disease. Those who are raising questions about this simple functioned app (whose only objective is to monitor & tackle COVID-19) are hiding their real intentions behind the mask of threat to privacy are astonishingly ready to compromise the innocent Indian lives. These people are the real enemies of humanity & society in disguise.

Common citizens of India are asking a very simple question to “these ultra-intellectuals”, can anything be more important than human life?

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