Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X: Which phone is set to win the battle?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X
Coming Soon Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X is the best phone in the Market

Foldable phones are a new technological innovation in the market currently and Samsung & Huawei are now in the race to acquire clientele in the foldable phone race. Samsung was to have launched the Galaxy Fold on April 26th 2019 and even started taking pre orders for the same. But since then Samsung has delayed the launch owing to some test pieces experiencing problems which was used by reviewers. Since then Samsung has not set a new launch date for the Fold. Meanwhile its being speculated that the Mate X is supposed to launch by the mid year and as per the news, it is all set for a June launch.

Let’s compare the Galaxy Fold & Mate X

PhonesGalaxy FoldMate X
Unfolded Screen size(Resolution)7.3 Inches(2152X1536)8 Inches(2480X2200)
Folded Screen Size(Resolution)4.6 Inches(1960X840)6.6 inches(2480X1148)
CPUSnapdragon 855Kirin 980
Expandable?NOYes, Upto 256GB
Cameras3 Rear(12,12 & 16 MP), 1 Front(10 MP) 2 Inside(10 & 8 MP)40 MP(Wide Angle), 16 MP(Ultra wide angle) & 8 MP(Telephoto)
Size(Folded)6.3X2.5X0.66 Inches6.4X3.1X0.43 Inches
Weight9.48 Ounces10.4 Ounces
ColorsSpace Silver, Cosmos black, Martian Green, Astro BlueInterstellar Blue
AvailabilityUnknownJune 2019
Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X
Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X fold on the ground this phone is very smart and nice

So far, Samsung is emphasizing the multitasking aspect of the Galaxy Fold, and it’s one of the more noteworthy benefits to the folding phone. The foldable-friendly version of Android powering the device lets you run three apps simultaneously. Your main app fills up the left two-thirds of the screen, while two other apps are stacked on top of each other on the right. You can drag-and-drop apps into different areas of the screen depending on which ones require your focus. A decent number of apps currently support multitasking, though app makers will have to add that functionality to make the feature truly useful.

Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold new phone in the market

The Galaxy Fold also boasts a feature called App Continuity. Say you’re looking at a map on the 4.6-inch front screen of the device. When you open up the Fold to get to the larger screen, the map will have already launched, showing you the location you had been looking at, only with more detail. Annoyingly, the feature doesn’t work in reverse, unless you tweak a setting to keep the app running once you’ve folded up Samsung’s phone.

 Mate X
Mate X in action back is very big and nice

We’ve only seen demos of the Mate X in action back when the phone was announced. At that point, Huawei had some tweaking to do: when we used the Mate X, there was a noticeable lag when switching modes, for instance. Still, apps like YouTube fill up the 8-inch screen, and since the unfolded display is nearly square, you can use the Mate X in either horizontal or vertical orientations.

When unfolded, the Mate X doesn’t lie flat — there’s a bar that props up the display. We found that when we placed the phone so that the bar was facing opposite of us, it made for a better typing experience on the Mate X’s display.

Price & Availability

The Galaxy Fold is the less expensive option, though “less expensive” is relative in this case. Samsung’s foldable phone costs $1,980 for the standard version. A model with 5G connectivity will come later and likely cost more.

The Mate X will cost €2,299 — more than $2,570 at the current exchange rate, though 5G connectivity will come standard with the Mate X.

Final Verdict

At first glance, the Mate X does seem to have an edge over Galaxy Fold regarding hardware. You get a larger screen in both phone and tablet mode, a second display on the back when folded up, a larger battery and no gap between the screens when closed. Samsung seems to be touting a more polished software experience, and it could offer better overall performance.

It’s hard to overlook the Fold’s stumble out of the gate, even if Samsung is going to use the delayed launch to find ways that will keep users from running into the same issues that some reviewers faced with the Galaxy Fold’s display. Samsung’s caution is admirable, but with durability one of the key concerns for foldable phones — not just Samsung’s device, but all products — this couldn’t have been a worse start for the foldable phone era.

Assuming Samsung works through these initial problems, the Galaxy Fold may be holding the ultimate trump card over the Mate X, though — it should be more readily available, at least in the U.S. We’ll find out for sure once both foldable phones get closer to their new release dates.

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