Salvatore Ferragamo – A Shoemaker’s Story

Salvatore Ferragamo, a most renowned name from Italy in the world of luxury brands has produced millions of luxury goods in the past 8 decades since its origin in 1927. It is the one that is known for its craftsmanship and innovation. The company is into designing, production and distribution of shoes, leather goods, eye-wears and timepieces along with ready to wear clothes for men and women, perfumes, etc. The Ferragamo Group today has more than hundred directly and indirectly owned stores all across the world with over 4000 employees.

Salvatore Feragamo

The success and uniqueness of the company have however been always contributed to the Founder Salvatore Ferragamo himself. Not many know this but he started in the world of shoemaking at the age of 11, and since then he kept on improving his skills and developing his interest in one way or the other. He even studied human anatomy for its sake and in the 1920s was making shoes for the celebs of the industry. In 1927 he started his own shoe store in Florence. And since then the name “Salvatore Ferragamo” is known for being one of the best shoemakers in the world, be it the person himself or the company that is running successfully even today.

After Salvatore, his widow took over the company and introduced accessories, clothing, perfumes, and scarfs from the Ferragamo group. And from the time of early 1920s, the craftsmanship, creativity, innovation, unmatchable quality and design has been the root causes behind the group becoming the best of the luxury brands. Continuous and tireless research, innovation and production remains to be the priority of the Ferragamo Group even today.

Another reason behind their amazing success is being continuously endorsed by the well-renowned celebrities of the Hollywood industry. Salvatore Ferragamo designed and made the shoes for the stars of “The Ten Commandments” and “The Thief of Baghdad” in 1924. Since then celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Celine Aagaard, Caroline Issa, Karlie Kloss, Stella Maxwell, Miranda Kerr, Alexa Chung, Jessica Hart, and many more have either worn or endorsed Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes or some other accessories. In fact, even today a large number of celebrities are seen owning multiple products of Salvatore. This undoubtedly states the charm, quality, comfort and luxury the brand brings with itself.

Apart from all this their unmatchable sophisticated, glamourous, refined, illustrative, and artistic advertisement campaigns have also greatly helped them in becoming such an influence on the celebrities of across the film industries of the world and of the fashion lovers as well. Their exclusive style and a class in itself act as great inspiration for the designers and fashionistas of the world. When someone or something is this unique and diligent in their work, their passion is bound to make an impact.

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