Probability of nuclear war in Asia: – Is the apocalypse nearing?

Nuclear Energy is formed by splitting of atoms in a reactor to heat water into the steam, turn a turbine & moreover generate electricity. Nuclear weapons & nuclear power share several common features. The long list of links includes their histories, similar technologies, skills, health & safety aspects, regulatory issues & radiological research & development. For example, the process of enriching uranium to make it into the fuel for nuclear power stations is also used to make nuclear weapons. Plutonium is a by-product of the nuclear fuel cycle & is still used by some countries to make nuclear weapons.

world nuclear weapons stockpile
world nuclear weapons stockpile

At the dawn of the Nuclear age, the US hoped to maintain a monopoly on its new weapons, but the secrets & technology for making nuclear weapons soon spread across the world. The United States still remains the only country to unleash nuclear weapons in actual combat during the Second World War over Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Just 4 yrs later the Soviet Union tested & conducted its own nuclear test explosion.

The UK (1952), France (1960) & China (1964) followed suit. Data compiled by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists show that every year between 1986 & 2017 the global nuclear stockpile actually declined. Russia & the US have 9 of every 10 bombs in the world. FAS estimates that as of early 2019, there were about 13890 nuclear warheads spread across 9 nuclear states. Over 90% of these nuclear bombs are owned by the US & Russia. But the US signatory to the NPT has pledged that it will not use its nuclear weapons against countries that do not have their own arsenal.

Also, Russia has pledged not to use its nuclear arsenal against countries that do not possess them. Starting from 350 Kms, India’s nuclear-capable ballistic missiles could strike a distance of up to 5000 Kms covering far beyond Pakistan. Also, Pakistan’s nuclear-capable missile range is 2750 Kms which will cover most of India. The nuclear revolution had greater strategic than operational or tactical war-fighting implications.

It has been about deterrence and how we think about deterrence rather than war-fighting.  But Nuclear Energy as a concept is never lethal, as it helps to drive the nation’s power requirements by way of Atomic Energy power stations which uses nuclear energy to produce heat & drive the turbines to generate electricity.

As a matter of fact, around 11% of the world’s electricity is generated by about 450 nuclear reactors. In 2017 Nuclear Plants supplied 2487 TWh of electricity up from 2477 TWh in 2016. Radioisotopes are used by manufacturers as tracers to monitor fluid flow and filtration, detect leaks and gauge engine wear and corrosion of process equipment. Small concentrations of short-lived isotopes can be detected whilst no residues remain in the environment. By adding small amounts of radioactive substances to materials used in various processes it is possible to study the mixing and flow rates of a wide range of materials, including liquids, powders, and gases, and to locate leaks.

This image shows how to an airplane in the sky

The Asian Continent is looking most volatile at the moment with 3 nuclear power countries namely Pakistan, China & India in the ranks. China is looking to expand globally & India is a responsible nuclear power with its arsenal in safe hands. But Pakistan is an unstable country which is becoming a breeding ground for terrorists & mercenaries. Let’s not forget the most terrorist Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan & gunned down by US Special Forces.

Seeking to prevent nuclear weapon ranks from expanding further the US & other like-minded states negotiated the Nuclear NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) in 1968 & CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty) in 1996. India, Israel & Pakistan never signed the NPT & possess nuclear arsenal. At the time the NPT was concluded, the nuclear stockpiles of both the US & Soviet Union/Russia, numbered in tens of thousands. Today the USA & Russia each deploy roughly 1400 strategic warheads on several hundred bombers & missiles & are modernizing their nuclear delivery systems.

Also, ICBM’s have the range of up to 5000 Kms and one ICBM with a nuclear warhead when fired on a rival nation can have a devastating impact and create doomsday to not only the area in contention but also area around it up to 50-60 km in radius. Though the official range of India’s Agni 5 is 5000 Kms, as per the media reports, the range is 8000 Kms which was reported & declared by the Chinese Media at the time of testing.

Also, India has successfully developed a cryogenic engine and has successfully done mission mars in the first attempt and on 7th September 2019, it will be the first country to land a rover on the south pole of the Moon. A cryogenic engine is an achievement that was developed for a peaceful nature but let’s not look the other way as the same technology can increase the reach & range of ICBMs of India. So, it would not be wrong today to assume that this range will extend from 10K to 20K Miles for sure.  Also, there are 5 countries in the world that possess the capability of launching nuclear warheads via land, water & Air.

These are mainly known as nuclear triads. US, Russia, China, France & India are the leading nuclear triads in the world. China, India & Pakistan are all pursuing new ballistic missile, cruise missile & sea-based nuclear delivery systems. In addition, Pakistan has lowered the threshold of nuclear weapons by developing tactical nuclear weapons capabilities to counter perceived Indian Conventional military threats. As per media reports, Pakistan possesses an estimate of 150-160 nuclear warheads and India possesses anything between 130-140 nuclear warheads & China possesses anything close to 290 nuclear warheads.

 nuclear triads
These are mainly known as nuclear triads. US, Russia, China, France & India

So in the event of a nuclear war, the resulting devastation would decimate the region & create a high amount of radioactive waste. It will kill tens of thousands of people in a split second and in the process the killing lakhs of people due to radioactive poisoning & pollution.

As per media reports as many as over 125 million people may die immediately in event of an unfortunate nuclear war between India & Pakistan & will eventually plunge the world into a nuclear winter that could lead to a global climate catastrophe. Such a war would threaten not only the locations where the bombs might be targeted but the entire world at large. The war over Kashmir has been on for decades and the escalations have moved to new levels after the Indian government had decided to scrap the age-old Article 370 granting special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The research also says that vegetation growth would decline globally by 15 to 30 percent on land & oceans could see productivity decline by 5 to 15 percent.

Nine countries have nuclear weapons but Pakistan & India are the ones increasing their arsenals. Pakistan has been harboring terrorists in the Kashmir region to create unrest & tensions in India. All terror organizations like the JuD, Al Qaeda, IM, JeM have their bases secured deep inside Pakistan. Pakistan is a rogue state with Malicious intent. At Present Pakistan is a state which is declared bankrupt owing to severe economic slowdown & inflation. As per media reports, Pakistan Forex reserves have depleted significantly and are currently valued at $4Bn.

This was the value in which a country like Greece became bankrupt. This is a clear sign of the economy being in clear doldrums. These terrorists are running loose all across the country and if not checked could be very devastating. Let’s not forget Pakistan is home to over 40000 Jihadis and this was clearly admitted by their PM Imran Khan. As per media reports, Pakistan has around 250 nuclear warheads at their disposal and the main point of concern is that they are very loosely held. Such nuclear warheads can have catastrophic effects if it reaches those terrorists who could use it against anyone at their disposal.

Pakistan is a dangerous quadrangle which needs to neutralize immediately and the points concerning the same are as follows

  • Weak & depleting economy
  • Thriving ground for Terror fugitives & criminals
  • Loosely held Nuclear warheads
  • Fragile & Naïve political leadership
Pakistan flag
This is the best Pakistan flag image and some man here.

Now if Pakistan does use its nuclear weapons, one thing is certain, it will surely be wiped off from existence in this world. So to ensure these rogue nations are brought in line, the world leaders & potentially powerful countries must take a hard stance to ensure all these weapons of mass destruction are neutralized & 100% de-nuclearization is achieved right earnest. Pakistan has a weak leadership & being a haven for terrorists could lead to catastrophe if these nuclear armaments pass on to these fringe warmongering terrorists.

One thing is certain, owing to the current scenario a nuclear war in Asia can be stopped only if the rogue nations like Pakistan are forced to denuclearize by immense international pressure by both governments & people alike across the world. China understands the catastrophe which will follow and will never make the first move. India is a responsible nuclear power and believes in using it as a strategic defense mechanism.

Pakistan is the most dangerous in the region as it does not believe in responsibility & will look for the opportunity to strike first if its objectives are not met viz-a-viz Kashmir. If it so happens India being a nuclear triad will decimate Pakistan & wipe them off the maps. China being a strategic partner of interest in Pakistan will launch a similar attack on India which will force the whole world with countries like the US, Russia, France, UK unleashing their might on China.

world war
third world war & this war will finish & wipe off all human existence across the world.

This will surely lead to a third world war & this war will finish & wipe off all human existence across the world. This is something which should never happen & to ensure that rogue nations like Pakistan, Iran, North Korea & so-on should be checked neutralized and if not done it could lead to an apocalypse of enormous proportions which is totally uncalled for & should not be done.

Hence to ensure that the apocalypse does not come knocking on your mamma’s front door, we need to act sternly against these evil forces or else “This apocalypse will lead to the destruction of this world & world order”.


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