Kedarnath – A place that bears the seeds of liberation (Moksha)

Known as one of the holiest and finest pilgrims of India, Kedarnath is located amidst the beautiful mountainscape of Gharwal Himalayas at the head of Mandakini River in Uttarakhand. It is much more than just a holy pilgrimage, it offers a marvelous ambience of snowy peaks; it is enriched with the alpine forests and how can one forget the colorful rhododendrons. Despite its natural beauty, the place is most renowned for its sanctity.

The temple devoted to Lord Shiva, known as the Kedarnath temple is the centerpiece of the town. And it also has many legends associated with it as well, such as the one of the mighty Pandavas. As per the legend, Pandavas came here to wash away their sins by meeting Lord Shiva. But as per the story he was angry with them and hid in the form of a bull, here at Kedarnath to escape from them. And when the Pandavas finally noticed him, he drudged himself into Earth but the hump remained on the surface.

Being nestled in the majestic Himalayan peaks Kedarnath contains an extremely gentle breezy wind that creates a most serene ambience for meditation. Right behind the temple, is the mighty Keadardome peak, the sight of the temple and its perpetual snowy peaks is simply enchanting. This place is both calmly pious and rough due to its soothing wind and chilly terrains of Garhwal. One of the main reasons of Kedarnath and the other nearby locations being a fascinating place is that they are all situated at higher altitudes.

Sunset at Kedar Dome

As stated earlier this place is not only famous for its shrines and temples but also because it holds some of the most amazing vistas of nature. The places other than Kedarnath around this region provide the same serene and breathtaking ambience as the shrine of the Kedarnath does. These are Chorabari Tal, Gauri Kund, Shankaracharya Samadhi, Vasuki Tal, and Triyuginarayan Temple.

  • The Chorabari Tal is one pristine lake. And most importantly it exhibits reflection of the majestic peaks of Himalaya. It is also known by the name of Gandhi Sarovar and is just after crossing a wonderful waterfall.
  • Gaurikund is located at the beginning of the path to Kedarnath. It got its name from the famous legend which stated that Lord Shiva agreed to marry Goddess Parvati here. The place also bestows natural thermal springs and is flourished with vivid greenery. The beautiful Vasuki Ganga flows below the Gaurikund.

  • The Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharya is located here. He was a Saint and a great Scholar who established the most famous Char Dham (four sacred shrines) and at the age of just 32 went to his samadhi.
  • Vasuki Tal is another mesmerizing beauty of Kedarnath which manifests the reflections of the astonishing Himalayan peaks on its crystal-clear water.
  • Triyuginarayan Temple is said to be the place where the marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati took place. The eternal flame which is believed to have witnessed their marriage burns even today.

Clearly, Kedarnath indeed is the holiest place where the seeds of Moksha grow.

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