Is Brexit a Bluff or a Boon?

When the Brexit vote came up on 23rd June 2016, we seriously went to bed that night thinking this wasn’t a big deal. Who in their right mind would vote to leave the European Union, the largest, richest & most frictionless single economy in the world?

But the fact remains, we woke up to the answer on 24th June 2016 in which a majority 51.9% of voters in the UK voted for Brexit which is more than 17 Mn people. In the run-up to the election, the then UK Independent party leader Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson who is now the prime minister and others in the far right convinced a lot of Britishers that the EU was the bête noire which is responsible for all the troubles faced by the UK.

Leaving the EU would actually mean an extra 350 Mn Pounds each week for the National Health Service; the UK would get a Brexit dividend & would soon be able to cut taxes with the windfall from brilliant new trade treaties around the globe.

But the estimates will surely need to be scaled back as the European growth post – Brexit is most likely to be substantially lower than anticipated. Indeed, as emerging markets growth had been predicated upon exports to the world’s largest market — the EU — Britain’s ‘leave’ vote will have serious consequences beyond UK borders.

In fact, the IMF predicted that in a worst-case scenario, Britain’s departure from the EU could reduce this year’s world economic growth by up to 5.6 per cent.  From 2010 to 2015, the UK’s average annual gross contribution to the EU amounted to around 16.8 Bn Pounds. But the UK also receives a rebate & funding from various EU initiatives. So, the UK’s average annual net contribution to the EU budget over these same years is estimated to be around 8.8 Bn Pounds which is around 0.5% of GDP.

Let’s understand some startling data points which are based on current population trends. This includes that the world in 2050 will have 9.7 Bn people out of which two-thirds will live in an urban area. Since most of this growth will be in Africa & the Middle East, rising urban sprawl will have the governments dealing with enormous problems of health & hygiene and equally stunning would be the rise of the middle class.  So as per the stats, by 2050, some 84% of the global population will belong to the upper or lower middle class, with a per capita income which would be about half of the developed world.

Brexit vote came up on 23rd June 2016
Brexit vote came up on 23rd June 2016 we seriously went to bed that night thinking this wasn’t a big deal

Also considering the kind of geopolitical & economic changes happening in Asia, the contributions made to the global economy by China, India & other developing/developed economies would become more important than ever.

Now let’s deep-dive as to why people voted for Brexit. Europe pre Brexit era was economy which was really an apple of an eye for the people around the world. All countries in the EU including Britain followed an open border policy. But with the middle east turmoil specially in Syria & Iraq clearly had repercussions all over Europe & Britain was no exception. People from Iraq, Syria, North Africa & other countries started migrating in greater numbers to the hinterlands across Europe specially to countries like Germany, France, Sweden, England, Spain, Italy and so on. Who could forget the horrific sexual crimes committed by Middle Eastern migrants in the German City of Cologne.

A large scale version of Islamophobia was first time witnessed not only in Germany but all across Europe by the local populace and there has been a lot of right wing activists coming forward and demanding safety & security for its local populace. Such things were virtually unheard of in continental Europe before this population influx. Britain has been the most affected even before this crisis ever unfolded. It is one of the most multicultural countries all across the EU region. It faced its worst level of Islamic terrorism during the 2005 London bomb blasts which was systematically targeted on the city’s public transport system during the morning rush hour. The Al-Qaeeda had officially claimed the responsibility for the attack and their handler was Zabi uk-Taifi who is an Al-Qaeeda Commander who was arrested in Pakistan in January of 2009.  Well not a scent to guess he was also found in “The Pakistan”.

There are official No-Go zones which have been systematically forced upon on the local British & European populace in general. These places are not officially declared by the government but the local muslim community in parts of London, Paris & Europe in general have creates these self appointed ghettos which is truly alarming for the regular general citizens of Britain & the EU. These areas are created by Islamic & Arabic migrants who have shifted from countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Syria & So on. They are trying to defy the british law & order system and are trying hard to impose the Islamic Sharia Law to be observed & trials have done accordingly.

This is absolutely dangerous as its breaking the secular fabric of the country & the indigenous residents are alarmed and are fighting this anti-social behavior by the migrants. France is a total mess as it has lost its regal flavor due to maximum influx of North African, Libyan & Egyptian migrants who have held the country to ransom. This has led to Right Wing Nationalistic individuals who are putting their step forward to save their country from being held ransom.

Muslims to integrate
Muslims to integrate believe that the stance they have is absolutely justified

We do believe that the stance they have is absolutely justified as it’s their country and the main point that concerns us is the refusal of the Muslims to integrate into the mainstream community. This was also the main concern all across Britain and the Brexit Referendum votes declared it to leave the EU. Right-wing is the correct wing, and being a right-wing nationalist is not wrong as long as the law & order of the country is not breached. The left-liberalism is on the decline across the world & it is high time to reconcile with this fact of today’s world

Today is the world of social media and everyone saw what happened across the world in Germany, France, Spain, Italy Greece & So on. Islamic Terrorism & Radicalization is one of the biggest menaces the world today is facing today. It’s not just the continent of Europe that is facing this crisis but it has the left the world which includes America, Asia, Australia & Oceania and so on & so forth gasping for answers & protecting their country. Large scale Islamic migration also increases the risk of terror attacks. The Britishers seem to have understood the implications and have voted for Brexit which seems to be a very wise decision considering the threats looming over them from the Islamic world.

islam justes image
Muslim people protest UK country want just for islam

The UK as a country is 5th largest in economy, 8th Largest military power & 3rd biggest nuclear power with 215+ nukes in its arsenal.  So no country will risk direct war with the UK as any such attempts would clearly finish its enemy from the face of the earth. Mass Migrations is one way to attack a country from its inside. Islam as a religion is not a problem but Islamisation for the benefit to run an agenda to convert & take over a country is what bothers most of us living for centuries and amalgamating to British values. As per the media reports,

The UK is set to have the largest Muslim population by 2030. So Islamisation is rampant and would be safe to say it’s no good. Britain First which is a far-right political party in UK is fighting against the Islamisation of the UK.  The UK is predominantly a Christian country and the rising number of Ghettos & mosques in its towns & cities is really a threat to the predominantly British citizens who are Christians. This has happened in Belgium due to large scale Islamisation, they have demanded Belgium to be renamed to Belgistan. France is waking up to this tragedy and as a result, a lot of nationalistic movements have started taking place.

So, the UK must first conserve its freedom and must clamp down rapid Islamisation. Then it must conquer the land which has been breeding grounds of radicalization. Finally, it must rule and it will include ensuring all people amalgamate to its culture.

So, yes we safely conclude that Brexit is indeed a boon and not a bluff and the British people have taken a very important stand by preferring to leave the EU. The UK is the 2nd largest economy in Europe and its safety & security is of utmost importance. This will ensure UK will no longer have an open border system which can help track down illegal migrants & stop terror elements from entering the country. British people have taken a great step to safeguard their country and Brexit is the first big step and is appreciated a lot. It’s a new step, may have some economic implications but in the long run, we can trust that Britain will continue as the Britain we know & London will have the class, clout & glory which it used to have & will be restored.


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