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Sadhguru says that “society is overripe for a spiritual process.”

His fundamental vision is to offer the science of inner wellbeing to every human being – a science that helps a person realize the ultimate potential within.

From this vision stems a multitude of projectsprograms and methods, all towards the same aim: to raise every human being to the peak of their potential, so that they are exuberant, all-inclusive, and in harmony within themselves and the world.

Isha Foundation was hence founded in 1992, a nonprofit spiritual organization and headquartered in Coimbatore (India). Founded by the renowned Yoga Guru Jagadish Vasudevan widely known as Sadhguru, it is a volunteer-based NGO which runs Yoga centers worldwide with an enormous base of 7 million volunteers worldwide.

Being a Yoga Guru & spiritual guide, Sadhguru has a huge following across the globe having more than 2 million followers of his own. His teachings are originally based on ancient Indian spiritual philosophy, yoga & meditation. Isha Foundation offers a variety of programs fit for all age groups, ethnical background & followers of different faiths to develop their physical as well as mental state. Isha Foundation is appreciated across the world for its inner transmission, environmental projects & social welfare programs.

It has not restricted itself to any country but its aim is to serve the world, hence it has its Yoga centers in India, China, Nepal, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Canada, USA, Africa & many more countries. Art is an integral part of Indian culture; Sadhguru organizes an annual 7-day long music-dance festival dedicated to Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of Shivratri, hosted by Isha Foundation. Sadhguru also addresses huge gatherings from time to time where he teaches about meditation, gives spiritual speeches & question-answer sessions.

Yoga is not only about physical or breathing control exercises rather it’s centuries old knowledge.  It is an art, a science and a philosophy. It touches the life of man at every level, physical, mental, and spiritual. It is a practical method for making one’s life purposeful, useful and noble.

Yoga helps individuals to stay healthy, live long, avoid diseases, it helps to control mind & increase its functionality. It is very helpful to counter depression, hypertension, loneliness & other mental issues. Practicing yoga regularly helps us to control our emotions, eradicate negative thinking from our minds, create positive energy within us & exuberate positive vibes from inside us that anyone who comes in touch with you can feel the good vibes. Thus, yoga opens a door for well being of the human being & helps to make the society a better place to live.

Sadhguru came up with the concept of “Inner Engineering”, as per him  Inner Engineering is an opportunity to engineer an inner transformation that deepens your perception, bringing about a dimensional shift in the very way you look at your life, your work, and the world that you inhabit.

The foundation offers intensive programs for personal growth and establishes the possibility of exploring the higher dimensions of life, in addition to optimizing health and success through Inner Engineering.

Following this great philosophy, Sadhguru & his foundation is continuously working for the well being of the society, he has dedicated his life for the service of the mankind. They are spreading the knowledge of yoga and meditation across the world to enlighten the society & to bring it out from the darkness of ignorance & self-destruction.

The Isha Foundation is running various humanitarian projects for the welfare of the needy; some of them are as follows:

  • The Foundation runs various schools in the remote areas of India to educate the children which helps to increase the literacy rate.
  • The Foundation also gives free education to more than 3000 village children.
  • More than 4200 villages & its population is direct benefitted by the social welfare programs run by the Foundation.
  • Isha Foundation has a consultative status with UN’s Economic & Social Counsel
  • Volunteers of Isha Foundation actively participate in Swach Bharat Mission, a central govt. initiative to keep India clean.

We humans take everything from the nature, but have we ever thought of giving anything back to it in anyway.

Well, Sadhguru & his Foundation are doing a remarkable work by undertaking several environmental projects, which is a way of giving back to the nature. Some of such projects are:

Green Hands– A campaign run by Isha Foundation with the help of Government organizations, Schools, Colleges, Universities and NGO’s to increase the green cover in urban and rural areas, restore the soil health and manage the natural resources in the soil.  This campaign is majorly running in Southern parts of India.Rally of Rivers – A great initiative by Isha Foundation to revitalize the rivers of India which is basically the lifeline of the nation. As we know that major Indian rivers are drying up or turning seasonal, this initiative aims to create mass awareness about Govt. policy to save the rivers. Not only that, to increase the water flow of the river, they have done tree plantation on both sides of the river with a 1-kilometer width which got a massive public support. More than 162 million people supported this great initiative & it became the largest ecological movement. People from of all walks of life, supported this initiative be it actors or political leaders; irrespective of political parties, bureaucrats, corporate houses, universities, farmer leaders, sports icons, environmentalists, scientists & common people.

Cauvery Calling– Another great project undertaken by Isha Foundation to revive the Indian rivers & its eco-system. The aim is to conquer the water crisis, and to increase the gross income of Indian farmers whose lives are directly linked with rivers. The campaign encourages agro-forestry to multiply the indigenous species of timber to grow, in-turn strengthening the biodiversity.

Cow plays a key role in India’s agricultural ecosystem & people in India are very emotionally attached towards cows. Being an Indian Sadhguru understands this very well hence he is very vocal about the cow slaughtering & beef ban in India. Apart from being a Yoga Guru, he understands his duties towards the nation as a citizen of India & keeps supporting the good initiatives taken by government such as GST, Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 (CAA) and even Balakot airstrike by Indian forces etc.

Sadhguru often discusses about the rich culture, customs, history, heritage, knowledge, wisdom & spiritual philosophy of Sanatan Dharma & ancient India. He also doesn’t hesitate to talk about the era what is known as the Muslim Rule in India. He considers that as “Oppression Occupation” & much worse than British Raj in India, which some of his critics don’t take in good sense & alleges that he is a flag bearer of Hindutva and, that he shares the same ideology which is of the ruling political party BJP.

It seems that the world is not ready to buy the viewpoints of his critics as Sadhguru get invitations to address many prestigious platforms & forums such as, UN’s Millennium World Peace Summit, The House of the Lords, The Massachusetts Institute for Management Development, World Economic Forum and many more. He has also received the highest Indian civilian award “The Padma Vibhushan” in 2007 for social service.

The AdiYogi Shiva

For inspiring & promoting Yoga, he has constructed The Adiyogi Shiva statue which he himself designed. The statue is 112 feet tall & weighs 500 tons. It is the “Largest Bust Sculpture” as per the Guinness Book of World Records. He also constructed a sculpture stone structure 4.3 meters “The Dhayanalinga” which is a meditative place.  The place is open to people of all faith, culture, cast, creed and gender.

The Dhayanalinga

Sadhguru also pays attention to the corporate world, as he has specially designed a yoga program called Shambhavi Mahamudra for Corporate executives. The program helps them to get rid of depression which is a result of a false belief about human ability to change the world, according to one’s desires, the program also helps them increase their focus on work & attain peace of mind.

An interesting study done by the University of California, found that Mahamudra (a state of Yoga) leads to highly elevated levels (221%) of neuronal regeneration in the brain, which helps in re-growth or repair of nervous tissues, cells or cell products.

In the end, I would just quote a poem by Sadhguru on Yoga:

Lost all sense about Sounds and Silence.
In utter Chaos am in absolute Balance.
Excruciating Pain enjoined with profound Pleasure.
The Grief of losing a loved one also brings the gravitas of Stillness.
In a world where the leaf cannot know the Sweetness of the accompanying fruit nor the Fragrance of the flower that it spawns.
Here I am tasting the very source at the surface.
 Lost all sense of the sacred and sacrilegious.
O’ Shambho, since I embraced you a Speck on the periphery seems to be the very Center.
Valleys have turned into Peaks.
What should have been utter Confusion has become Crystal Clarity.
I am a Man with a man A Woman with a woman A creature with a creature A Goblin among goblins
Just know with you I am You.

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