Finally Virus Is Being Pushed Back!!

While a drastic shutdown of business has been a key part of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic fallout is spiraling with unemployment and market fallout. Restarting the economy is especially important to prevent a prolonged recession that would take a severe toll on poor and vulnerable people. Many countries in the world which were hit by the coronavirus pandemic have recently started loosening restrictions for their nationals. Many countries are stating that our people have to learn to live with the virus until the vaccine doesn’t come in the market. Initially lockdown was the only solution but it was at the cost of the economy. Many countries have been successful in controlling the spread of virus like New Zealand and Australia etc.

Countries are taking this decision on the basis of slow down of infection rate. Countries are lifting restrictions gradually in various phases. Australian Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has correctly said about restart of the economy-“step one is tentative, baby steps into normalization”.

Italy has over 2,25,000 cases and has reported over 30,000 deaths till now. Italy reportedly admitted fewer than 1000 people in ICU due to the coronavirus, the lowest figure since early March.  And now time has come to open economy. In Phase one, the government started loosening restrictions from May 4, allowing people to go back to their permanent places of residence, but the rules for loosening restrictions vary across region. Activities like construction, wholesome and manufacturing have also been allowed to resume since May 4. Picnics, social gatherings were still forbidden in phase one. Bars and restaurants were opened with takeaway and home delivery of food.

In second phase , starting from 18th May regional government will be allowed to reopen bars, restaurants hairdressers and beauty salon is open. In third phase, which will start from June 3rd travel within the country and abroad will start.

Same way Australia and New Zealand are going to uplift the lockdown in three phases. In first phase, in Australia restaurants and cafes which were limited to takeaway were allowed to reopen, but with a maximum of 10 customers at a time. But in New Zealand from May 14 retail stores, malls, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and public spaces including playground and gyms had been open.

Picture from the Greek coastline show large groups of people playing in the sea (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

In phase second, in Australia gyms, cinemas and galleries will be allowed to reopen although businesses will only be able to have 20 customers at a time. Where in New Zealand in phase two schools from may 18 and bars from 21 may will be reopened.

In third phase, in Australia interstate travel will be allowed along with some limited international travel. Gathering of 100 people will be allowed and opening of big offices will also start gradually. Same way in New Zealand interstate and limited international travel will be allowed.

All these changes will be conducted with all the safety measures and will be reviewed and further steps will be taken to boost up the restart of the economy. Now the people will have to learn how to settle down comfortable with COVID-19 and live their lives with the preventive measures.

Life has to move on; we have to learn to live with Corona or any other virus. We have to learn to make drastic changes in our lives and move on. Life and livelihood cannot stop, till the time humanity is alive they have to make way for living.

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