AI enabled electric vehicles is a Fact & not a Fiction

Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence possessed by machines, especially the computer systems. These processes include the acquisition of information & rules, reasoning which uses rules to reach approximate & definite conclusions. Some particular applications of AI includes expert systems, speech recognition & machine vision.


AI can be categorized as strong or weak. Weak AI which is also known as Narrow AI is as AI system that is designed & trained for a particular task. Virtual private assistants such as Apple’s Siri are a form of Weak AI. Strong AI also known as artificial general intelligence is an AI system with generalized human cognitive abilities. When presented with an unfamiliar task, a strong AI system is able to find a solution without human intervention.

“A Two Wheeler uses AI Powered Technology”, doesn’t it sound like a science fiction? Let me clear that doubt for you “It’s Not”. June 18 the world will remember this date. Under the Make In India initiative India has taken this lead. Revolt Motors spearheaded by Micromax Co-Founder Rahul Sharma, is all set to launch what they claim will be India’s first AI enabled electric motorcycle.

Revolt IntelliCorp as a brand is officially known, has laid special emphasis on ensuring the motorcycle like conventional looks like conventional internal engine equipped motorcycle & not quirky of futuristic as is the norm with electric vehicles currently. The company has claimed that this motorcycle will offer a riding range of 150 Kms on a single charge. It also boasts a limited top speed of upto 85KmPh will also include variable power modes. This motorcycle is an AI enabled motorcycle which is equipped with a 4G SIM card and will be connected to the internet full-time. So it is safe to assume the bike will also receive an OTA(Over The Air) software updates on a very regular basis. Although the cells of the battery will be sourced from China, but the battery pack itself will be assembled in-house. The bike’s ECU & battery management system has been developed in-house along the dynamic testing. This will be at Revolt’s new facility that has been set up at Manesar near Gurgaon in Haryana. It is also interesting to note that Manesar is a huge industrial zone and is home to automotive manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Triumph to name a few, apart from a whole lot of component makers. In the first phase, Revolt’s Manesar facility will boast a production capacity of 1,20,000 units annually. As per Rahul Sharma the company will focus heavily on online sales channel which is an inspiration taken from Tesla. It is equipped with innovative battery charging solutions including swappable batteries & possibilities of wireless charging cannot be ruled out either. Further, Revolt motors are working on developing a full integration with a bespoke helmet, which will offer navigation & telephony.


Such a great technology has been beautifully articulated & developed and the final product is a utility vehicle which not only saves cost and also helps to reduce carbon footprints to a great extent. Just imagine 20 yrs from now we have electric vehicles moving around our cities and our cities are clean & pollution free with greenery all around. This is the final destination and the step forward has been duly taken. Now let’s talk about the economics involved in it. The point at which oil demand will peak has a long focus of debate. Oil is a non renewable source of energy which in other words could be termed as fossil fuels. Now oil is being dug up from the earth’s surface and by means of refineries it is being developed & supplied for our day to day use it like say Petrol, Diesel and so on. With the rise in the population and the per capita income among the general population more & more people are using a lot of personal vehicles for their day to day commute. Now In India more than 70-75% of the population use two wheelers for their day to day commute and to give you an idea more than 45-50% of fuel is consumed by two wheelers per se. Now just imagine the kind of impact it has both in the oil reserves as well as the carbon credits. It is generating tremendous amount of pollution across the country and especially in the metro cities. Now with this AI enabled electric motorcycle entering the market oil consumption could be reduced upto 50% which is a solid proposition and it also helps our country generate optimum carbon credits accordingly. As per the recent information, the bike would be priced upto 1 Lac INR is surely to become a hit among the consumers in totality.

The Make in India initiative is truly making this happen and India is in the forefront of it. This is just a start and going forward, we will create utilities which will surely create a clean, pollution free environment along with cost saving solutions and save the preciously depleting oil resources for our future generations to come.

So it is clearly visible here with facts that AI enabled vehicles is a fact & no more a fiction and India has taken a foremost step in it.

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