5000 Miles away may not keep you safe from a Mushroom Cloud!!!!

Nuclear Energy comes from splitting of atoms in a reactor to heat water into the steam, turn a turbine & generate electricity. Nuclear Reactions involve changes in an Atom’s nucleus and thus causes a change in the atom itself. Unlike normal chemical reactions that form molecules, nuclear reactions result in the transmutation of one element into a different isotope or different element altogether.

US & Russia is the best map in the world

Data compiled by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists shows that every year between 1986 & 2017 the global nuclear stockpile actually declined. Russia & US have 9 of every 10 bombs in the world. FAS estimates that as of early 2019, there were about 13890 nuclear warheads spread across 9 nuclear states. Over 90% of these nuclear bombs are owned by the US & Russia. But the US signatory to the NPT has pledged that it will not use its nuclear weapons against countries which do not have their own arsenal. Also Russia has pledged not to use its nuclear arsenal against countries that do not possess them. Starting from 350 Miles, India’s nuclear capable ballistic missiles could strike a distance of upto 5000 Miles covering far beyond Pakistan. Also Pakistan’s nuclear capable missile range is 2750 Miles which will cover most of India. The nuclear revolution had greater strategic than operational or tactical war-fighting implications. It has been about deterrence and how we think about deterrence rather than war-fighting. Over time, a very high level of strategic interdependence developed among the states that possessed nuclear weapons, at least among those that possessed large quantities of them—the U.S. and USSR were very sensitive to each other’s nuclear moves. The objective of deterrence is to prevent aggression and war, not necessarily to be able to fight a war. In the past, we’ve often thought that the ability to deter depended on the ability to fight: to be able to defend yourself and to be able to go on the offense. Whether that logic applies to nuclear deterrence has been a matter of no little contention. The United States had gained the means to level cities in a single blast, a capability it employed to devastating effect the next month in the skies over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During the subsequent Cold War arms race, the United States and Soviet Union generated immense thermonuclear arsenals of almost unimaginable destructive power. The bad news is that the nuclear nonproliferation and arms control regimes are fraying badly, as newer nuclear powers expand their arsenals, as non-nuclear nations reconsider whether to acquire such weapons, and as uneven technological advances, including in the domains of cyberspace and outer space, undermine the calculus of deterrence. But Nuclear Energy as a concept is never lethal, as it helps to drive the nations power requirements by way of Atomic Energy power stations which uses nuclear energy to produce heat & drive the turbines to generate electricity. As a matter of fact, around 11% of the world’s electricity is generated by about 450 nuclear reactors. In 2017 Nuclear Plants supplied 2487 TWh of electricity up from 2477 TWh in 2016. Radioisotopes are used by manufacturers as tracers to monitor fluid flow and filtration, detect leaks, and gauge engine wear and corrosion of process equipment. Small concentrations of short-lived isotopes can be detected whilst no residues remain in the environment. By adding small amounts of radioactive substances to materials used in various processes it is possible to study the mixing and flow rates of a wide range of materials, including liquids, powders and gases, and to locate leaks.

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Also ICBM’s have the range of upto 5000 Miles and one ICBM with a nuclear war-head when fired on a rival nation can have a devastating impact and create doomsday to not only the area in contention but also area around it upto 50-60 Miles in radius. Though the official range of India’s Agni 5 is 5000 Miles, but as per the media reports the range is 8000 Miles which was reported & declared by the Chinese Media on the time of testing. Also India has successfully developed a cryogenic engine and has successfully done mission mars in the first attempt and on 7th September 2019, will be the first country to land a rover on the south pole of the Moon. Cryogenic engines is an achievement which was developed for a peaceful nature but let’s not look the other way as the same technology can increase the reach & range of ICBM’s of India. So, it would not be wrong today to assume that this range will extend from 10K to 20K Miles for sure.  Also there are 5 countries in the world which possesses the capability of launching nuclear warheads via land, water & Air. These are mainly known as nuclear triads. US, Russia, China, France & India are the leading nuclear triads in the world.

Who could forget the devastation that happened in Chernobyl. The Chernobyl disaster is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, both in terms of cost and casualties. The struggle to safeguard against hazards immediately after the accident, together with later decontamination efforts of the surroundings, ultimately involved more than 500,000 liquidators and cost an estimated 18 billion Soviet rubles—roughly US$68 billion in 2019, adjusted for inflation. This devastating nuclear accident affected the whole area upto a radius of 50 Miles. So with the ICBM’s in picture and the nuclear triads in the background, in event of a nuclear war the impact that it will have on the human civilization is enormous.

Radioactive isotopes

In event of a nuclear war, the resulting devastation will decimate the region and will create a high amount of radioactive waste. Radioactive isotopes eventually decay, or disintegrate, to harmless materials. Some isotopes decay in hours or even minutes, but others decay very slowly. Strontium-90 and cesium-137 have half-lives of about 30 years (half the radioactivity will decay in 30 years). Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,000 years. High-level wastes are hazardous because they produce fatal radiation doses during short periods of direct exposure. If isotopes from these high-level wastes get into groundwater or rivers, they may enter food chains. The dose produced through this indirect exposure would be much smaller than a direct-exposure dose, but a much larger population could be exposed. Tactical (nonstrategic) nuclear weapons (TNWs) typically refer to short-range weapons, including land-based missiles with a range of less than 500 km (about 300 miles) and air- and sea-launched weapons with a range of less than 600 km (about 400 miles). In some respects, TNWs are more dangerous than strategic weapons. The small size and vulnerability to theft for perceived usability make the existence of TNWs in national arsenals a risk to global security.

Every country which possesses this deadly weapon of mass destruction uses it as a deterrent in event of a full fledged war. But we need to understand that there are 2 countries in this world which could be termed rogue states one is North Korea and the second one is Pakistan. North Korea is basically a cult which is controlled by the Kim Family. But what’s more dangerous is Pakistan possessing these deadly nukes. Let’s understand why.

At Present Pakistan is a state which is declared bankrupt owing to severe economic slowdown & inflation. As per media reports Pakistan Forex reserves have depleted significantly and are currently valued at $4Bn. This was the value in which a country like Greece became bankrupt. This is a clear sign of economy being in clear doldrums. Who could forget that the world’s most dreaded and most wanted criminal Osama Bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan. Pakistan has been clearly harboring terror elements in their country who live, thrive and plan attacks on its neighbors especially India. It has been a thriving ground for terror fugitives like the JeM, Indian Mujahideen, LeT, Hamas and so on.

Pakistan using these deadly nukes to solve the Kashmir issue

These terrorists are running loose all across the country and if not checked could be very devastating. Let’s not forget Pakistan is home to over 40000 Jihadis and this was clearly admitted by their PM Imran Khan. As per media reports, Pakistan have around 250 nuclear war-heads at their disposal and the main point of concern is that they are very loosely held. Such nuclear war heads can have catastrophic effects if it reaches those terrorists who could use it against anyone at their disposal. Moreover the Pakistani political leadership is absolutely fragile and there has been some really abnormal statements made by PM Imran Khan which could really doubt the credibility of his leadership per se. So there is clear possibility of Pakistan using these deadly nukes to solve the Kashmir issue.

As per media reports, he made a statement saying that Germany & Japan share a common border which clearly will make any sane minded person cringe. A sportsperson turned politician who does not have the experience of governance but making statements of nuclear war against its neighbor India is absolutely childish and very naive.

Some of the main points of concern which hereby makes it a very dangerous quadrangle are:

  1. Weak and depleting economy
  2. Thriving ground for Terror fugitives and criminals
  3. Loosely held Nuclear War heads
  4. Fragile & Naïve political leadership

Now if Pakistan uses these nuclear weapons, one thing is for sure that it will be wiped out from the face of earth. So to ensure that such rogue states are brought in line the world leaders and potentially powerful countries must get out of their slumber and take decisive action by ensuring all the weapons of mass destruction are neutralized and destroyed for good in short achieve 100% de-nuclearization. World leaders as of now are absolutely indifferent to this issue as this is not directly affecting their regions. First of all they must try to break this above mentioned quadrangle by ensuring productive measures including severe sanctions on rogue nations like Pakistan and expose their hidden & dangerous agenda to the world. Also it should be more of people’s movement around the world to move against the most volatile & rogue state Pakistan. They must pressurize their leaders to move out the filth which is being accumulated currently as such filth could create problems worldwide of epic proportions. Also the long term solution will be & should be complete de-nuclearization of Pakistan and removal of all the possible traces of this deadly weapon away from that land. Iran has been clearly deterred by the United States to stop producing nuclear arsenals as allowing such measures could potentially make it a dangerous country or in short a Pakistan 2.0 which should not take place.

So the question remains why to tolerate a country which is a ticking time bomb to world peace?  Why should other countries suffer due to some rogue nation harboring terrorists who wage wars on ideological beliefs & mindset? Why tolerate terrorists who just have one agenda in mind i.e. create destruction and spread their caliphate? And the most important question why is the world powers not taking punitive measures to curb such rogue nations against creating weapons of mass destruction? Unless and until the world powers don’t address these issues on a war footing, terrorism will never be defeated and terrorists will make this world a living hell.

Hence its clearly certain that “5000 Miles away will not keep you away from the Mushroom Cloud”. World will be at war if it happens and once it happens the devastation will be phenomenal.


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Story Conceived & written by

Sumit Peer, Founder Insourcing Multiplier


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